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BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 378, no. 4, page. 783 - 788, 2009-01

Yea, K; Kim, J; Lim, S; Kwon, T; Park, HS; Park, KS; Suh, PG; Ryu, SH


PROTEOMICS, vol. 9, no. 1, page. 51 - 60, 2009-01

Yoon, JH; Yea, K; Kim, J; Choi, YS; Park, S; Lee, H; Lee, CS; Suh, PG; Ryu, SH


PLANT CELL AND ENVIRONMENT, vol. 32, no. 10, page. 1412 - 1427, 2009-10

Ryu, CH; Lee, S; Cho, LH; Kim, SL; Lee, YS; Choi, SC; Jeong, HJ; Yi, J; Park, SJ; Han, CD; An, G


GENETICS, vol. 181, no. 4, page. 1627 - 1638, 2009-04

Lee, SK; Song, MY; Seo, YS; Kim, HK; Ko, S; Cao, PJ; Suh, JP; Yi, G; Roh, JH; Lee, S; An, G; Hahn, TR; Wang, GL; Ronald, P; Jeon, JS


PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 151, no. 1, page. 155 - 167, 2009-09

Nick, P; Han, MJ; An, G


JOURNAL OF BONE AND MINERAL RESEARCH, vol. 23, page. S414 - S414, 2008-01

Kim, J; Kim, J; Kim, Y; Choi, J; Ryu, S; Suh, P


MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY, vol. 29, no. 14, page. 3991 - 4001, 2009-07

Lee, MN; Ha, SH; Kim, J; Koh, A; Lee, CS; Kim, JH; Jeon, H; Kim, DH; Suh, PG; Ryu, SH


ACTA BIOMATERIALIA, vol. 5, no. 9, page. 3394 - 3403, 2009-11

Park, JK; Yeom, J; Oh, EJ; Reddy, M; Kim, JY; Cho, DW; Lim, HP; Kim, NS; Park, SW; Shin, HI; Yang, DJ; Park, KB; Hahn, SK


ADVANCED ROBOTICS, vol. 23, no. 1213, page. 1601 - 1616, 2009-01

Lee, SJ; Lim, JH; Cho, DW


MOLECULES AND CELLS, vol. 28, no. 5, page. 431 - 439, 2009-11

Kim, JA; Cho, K; Singh, R; Jung, YH; Jeong, SH; Kim, SH; Lee, JE; Cho, YS; Agrawal, GK; Rakwal, R; Tamogami, S; Kersten, B; Jeon, JS; An, G; Jwa, NS