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, 2012-11

Park, JB; Lee, CS; Jang, JH; Ghim, J; Kim, YJ; You, S; Hwang, D; Suh, PG; Ryu, SH; 황대희


JOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 228, no. 1, page. 216 - 224, 2013-01

Kim, JM; JUNG-MIN KIM; Kim, YH; Kim, KTRyu, SH; Lee, TG; Suh, PG


JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, vol. 287, no. 22, page. 18398 - 18407, 2012-05

Kwak, D; Choi, S; Jeong, H; Jang, JH; Lee, Y; Jeon, H; Lee, MN; Noh, J; Cho, K; Yoo, JS; Hwang, D; Suh, PG; Ryu, SH


JOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 227, no. 4, page. 1680 - 1687, 2012-01

Kim, EK; Lim, S; Park, JM; Seo, JK; Kim, JH; Kim, KTRyu, SH; Suh, PG


JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH, vol. 10, no. 12, page. 5315 - 5325, 2011-11

Yoon, JH; Song, P; Jang, JH; Kim, DK; Choi, S; Kim, J; Ghim, J; Kim, D; Park, S; Lee, H; Kwak, D; Yea, K; Hwang, D; Suh, PG; Ryu, SH


BIOMATERIALS, vol. 32, no. 30, page. 7687 - 7694, 2011-07

Hyuntae Jung; Kyeng Min Park; Jeong-A Yang; Eun Ju Oh; Don-Wook Lee; Kitae Park; Ryu, SHHahn, SKKim, K


MOLECULES AND CELLS, vol. 31, no. 3, page. 239 - 246, 2011-03

Hwang, HH; Moon, PG; Lee, JE; Kim, JG; Lee, W; Ryu, SH; Baek, MC


PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STA, vol. 109, no. 32, page. 13094 - 13099, 2012-08

Moon, HY; Kim, SH; Yang, YR; Song, P; Yu, HS; Park, HG; Hwang, O; Lee-Kwon, W; Seo, JK; Hwang, D; Choi, JH; Bucala, R; Ryu, SH; Kim, YS; Suh, PG


JOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY, vol. 113, no. 11, page. 3436 - 3445, 2012-11

Lim, S; Jang, HJ; Park, EH; Kim, JK; Kim, JM; Kim, EK; Yea, K; Kim, YH; Lee-Kwon, W; Ryu, SH; Suh, PG


Bone, vol. 51, no. 3, page. 431 - 440, 2012-09

Kim, BJ; Lee, YS; Lee, SY; Park, SY; Dieplinger, H; Ryu, SH; Yea, K; Choi, S; Lee, SH; Koh, JM; Kim, GS

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