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APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, vol. 91, no. 15, 2007-01

Park, JY; Park, JH; Jeong, YK; Jang, HM


APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, vol. 93, no. 25, page. 252904-1 - 252904-3, 2008-12

Jang, HM; Park, JH; Ryu, SW; Shannigrahi, SR


APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, vol. 101, no. 15, page. 152103, 2012-10

Choi, YH; Jo, NH; Lee, KJ; Lee, HW; Jo, YH; Kajino, J; Takabatake, T; Ko, KT; Park, JH; Jung, MH


APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, vol. 100, no. 17, page. 172406, 2012-04

Joo, S; Jung, KY; Lee, BC; Kim, TS; Shin, KH; Jung, MH; Rho, KJ; Park, JH; Hong, J; Rhie, K


JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, vol. 115, no. 23, 2014-06

Khim, TY; Shin, M; Park, BG; Lee, H; Park, JH


PHYSICAL REVIEW B, vol. 77, no. 21, page. 212409-1 - 212409-4, 2008-06

Park, JH; Shin, HH; Jang, HM


PHYSICAL REVIEW B, vol. 81, no. 13, page. 134401-1 - 134401-6, 2010-04

Park, JH; Lee, JH; Kim, MG; Jeong, YK; Oak, MA; Jang, HM; Choi, HJ; Scott, JF


PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, vol. 103, no. 20, page. 207202 - 207202, 2009-11

Ko, KT; Noh, HJ; Kim, JY; Park, BG; Park, JH; Tanaka, A; Kim, SB; Zhang, CL; Cheong, SW


PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, vol. 107, no. 3, page. 37206, 2011-07

Lee, JS; Kao, CC; Nelson, CS; Jang, H; Ko, KT; Kim, SB; Choi, YJ; Cheong, SW; Smadici, S; Abbamonte, P; Park, JH


PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, vol. 107, no. 11, 2011-09

Lee, JH; Jeong, YK; Park, JH; Oak, MA; Jang, HM; Son, JY; Scott, JF

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