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, 1998-01

Yun, JH; Lee, JH; 이시우; Rhee, SW; Park, JW


JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY, vol. 54, no. 1, page. 204 - 208, 2009-01

Jang, JS; Hong, SJ; Lee, JS; Borse, PH; Jung, OS; Hong, TE; Jeong, ED; Won, MS; Kim, HG


JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, vol. 20, no. 7, page. 1261 - 1268, 2010-01

Nedelcu, M; Guldin, S; Orilall, MC; Lee, J; Huttner, S; Crossl; , EJW; Warren, SC; Ducati, C; Laity, PR; Eder, D; Wiesner, U; Steiner, U; Snaith, HJ


ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, vol. 6, no. 9, page. 6816 - 6824, 2014-05

Jeong, YJ; Jang, J; Nam, S; Kim, K; Kim, LH; Park, S; An, TK; Park, CE


PHYSICAL REVIEW E, vol. 90, no. 3, 2014-09

Lee, JA; Kang, IS


ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, vol. 4, no. 4, 2014-03

Seol, M; Youn, DH; Kim, JY; Jang, JW; Choi, M; Lee, JS; Yong, K


CHEMSUSCHEM, vol. 6, no. 2, page. 261 - 267, 2013-02

Youn, DH; Seol, M; Kim, JY; Jang, JW; Choi, Y; Yong, K; Lee, JS


RSC ADVANCES, vol. 4, no. 85, page. 45082 - 45087, 2014-01

Kang, B; Lee, WH; Choi, HH; Park, YD; Cho, K


ADVANCED MATERIALS, vol. 26, no. 48, page. 8141 - 8146, 2014-12

Kim, H; Kim, HH; Jang, JI; Lee, SK; Lee, GW; Han, JT; Cho, K


ACS NANO, vol. 8, no. 8, page. 7968 - 7975, 2014-08

Lee, SK; Yang, JW; Kim, HH; Jo, SB; Kang, B; Bong, H; Lee, HC; Lee, G; Kim, KS; Cho, K