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SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, vol. 5, page. 13288, 2015-08

Na, JY; Kang, B; Sin, DH; Cho, K; Park, YD


PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, vol. 17, no. 40, page. 26512 - 26518, 2015-01

Kim, G; Han, AR; Lee, HR; Oh, JH; Yang, C


ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, vol. 21, no. 23, page. 4442 - 4447, 2011-12

Kim, DH; Lee, J; Park, JI; Chung, JW; Lee, WH; Giri, G; Yoo, B; Koo, B; Kim, JY; Jin, YW; Cho, K; Lee, BL; Lee, S


MACROMOLECULES, vol. 45, no. 12, page. 5058 - 5068, 2012-06

In Young Song; Jinseck Kim; Min Jeong Im; Byung Joon Moon; Park, T


ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, vol. 22, no. 5, page. 1005 - 1014, 2012-03

Jang, J; Nam, S; Im, K; Hur, J; Cha, SN; Kim, J; Son, HB; Suh, H; Loth, MA; Anthony, JE; Park, JJ; Park, CE; Kim, JM; Kim, K


BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, vol. 33, no. 2, page. 541 - 548, 2012-02

Jang, SH; Kim, H; Hwang, MJ; Jeong, EB; Yun, HJ; Lee, DH; Kim, YH; Park, CE; Yoon, YJ; Kwon, SK; Lee, SG


ADVANCED MATERIALS, vol. 24, no. 3, page. 407 - +, 2012-01

Jaesung Park; Sae Byeok Jo; Young-Jun Yu; Youngsoo Kim; Yang, W; Wi Hyoung Lee; Hyun Ho Kim; Byung Hee Hong; Philip Kim; Kilwon Cho; Kim, KS


ACS NANO, vol. 6, no. 1, page. 662 - 670, 2012-01

Kim, DH; Shin, HJ; Lee, HS; Lee, J; Lee, BL; Lee, WH; Lee, JH; Cho, K; Kim, WJ; Lee, SY; Choi, JY; Kim, JM


ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, vol. 22, no. 2, page. 267 - 281, 2012-01

Lee, WH; Kwak, D; Anthony, JE; Lee, HS; Choi, HH; Kim, DH; Lee, SG; Cho, K


ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, vol. 21, no. 12, page. 2198 - 2207, 2011-06

Kim, SH; Jang, M; Yang, H; Anthony, JE; Park, CE

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