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ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, vol. 4, no. 15, page. 1400539, 2014-10

Ham, J; Lee, JL


NANOSCALE, vol. 6, no. 20, page. 11828 - 11834, 2014-01

Lee, SJ; Kim, YH; Kim, JK; Baik, H; Park, JH; Lee, J; Nam, J; Park, JH; Lee, TW; Yi, GR; Cho, JH


Journal of Materials Chemistry A, vol. 1, no. 9, page. 3076 - 3082, 2013-03

Juyoung Ham; Sungjun Kim; Gwan Ho Jung; Wan Jae Dong; Lee, JL


ECS JOURNAL OF SOLID STATE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, vol. 5, no. 2, page. R6 - R11, 2016-01

Zhao, D; Lee, I; Park, JY; Cho, SH; Choi, CS; Song, SY; Kim, JKLee, JL