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JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, vol. 116, no. 16, page. 9158 - 9165, 2012-03

Kisoo Kim; Kihyon Hong; Sungjun Kim; Lee, JL


JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, vol. 116, no. 50, page. 26586 - 26591, 2012-11

Ki Chang Kwon; Kyoung Soon Choi; Buem Joon Kim; Lee, JL; Soo Young Kim


IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, vol. 33, no. 6, page. 869 - 871, 2012-06

Jung, S; Kong, J; Kim, TW; Song, S; Lee, K; Lee, T; Hwang, H; Jeon, S


NANOTECHNOLOGY, vol. 23, no. 32, 2012-08

Kim, S; Lee, D; Park, J; Jung, S; Lee, W; Shin, J; Woo, J; Choi, G; Hwang, H


ACS MACRO LETTERS, vol. 1, no. 3, page. 375 - 379, 2012-02

Ji Tae Kim; Pyo, J; Rho, J; Ahn, JH; Je, JH; Margaritondo, G