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JOURNAL OF PLANT BIOLOGY, vol. 46, no. 4, page. 277 - 286, 2003-01

Park, SH; Jun, SS; An, GH; Hong, YN; Park, MC


PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, vol. 40, no. 3, page. 419 - 429, 1999-06

Cho, SC; Jang, SH; Chae, SJ; Chung, KM; Moon, YH; An, GHJang, SK


PLANT SCIENCE, vol. 170, no. 3, page. 534 - 541, 2006-01

Koh, EJ; Song, WY; Lee, Y; Kim, KH; Kim, K; Chung, NY; Lee, KW; Hong, SW; Lee, H


SCIENCE, vol. 300, no. 5617, page. 332 - 336, 2003-04

Moore, B; Zhou, L; Roll; , F; Hall, Q; Cheng, WH; Liu, YX; Hwang, I; Jones, T; Sheen, J


PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 149, no. 2, page. 745 - 759, 2009-02

Cho, JI; Ryoo, N; Eom, JS; Lee, DW; Kim, HB; Jeong, SW; Lee, YH; Kwon, YK; Cho, MH; Bhoo, SH; Hahn, TR; Park, YI; Hwang, I; Sheen, J; Jeon, JS