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PLANT AND CELL PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 45, no. 7, page. 923 - 932, 2004-01

Woo, HR; Kim, JH; Nam, HG; Lim, PO


JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, vol. 277, no. 10, page. 8290 - 8297, 2002-01

Han, JM; Kim, JH; Lee, BD; Lee, SD; Kim, Y; Jung, YW; Lee, S; Cho, W; Ohba, M; Kuroki, T; Suh, PG; Ryu, SH


JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, vol. 283, no. 49, page. 33969 - 33974, 2008-01

Lee, YM; Lee, JO; Jung, JH; Kim, JH; Park, SH; Park, JM; Kim, EK; Suh, PG; Kim, HS


CELL, vol. 115, no. 7, page. 893 - 904, 2003-12

Si, K; Giustetto, M; Etkin, A; Hsu, R; Janisiewicz, AM; Miniaci, MC; Kim, JH; Zhu, HX; K; el, ER