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ACS NANO, vol. 7, no. 9, page. 7698 - 7710, 2013-09

Jang, SC; Kim, OY; Yoon, CM; Choi, DS; Roh, TY; Park, J; Nilsson, J; Lotvall, J; Kim, YKGho, YS


MOLECULAR DIAGNOSIS & THERAPY, vol. 17, no. 5, page. 265 - 271, 2013-10

Choi, DS; Lee, J; Go, G; Kim, YKGho, YS


PROTEOMICS, vol. 13, no. 10-11, page. 1544 - 1571, 2013-03

Choi, DS; Kim, DK; Kim, YKGho, YS


EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, vol. 18, no. 45, page. E6, 2013-01

Moon, HG; Kang, CS; Choi, JP; Choi, DS; Choi, HI; Choi, YW; Jeon, SG; Yoo, JY; Jang, MH; Gho, YSKim, YK