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BMC GENOMICS, vol. 10, page. 556 - 556, 2009-11

Hong, BS; Cho, JH; Kim, H; Choi, EJ; Rho, S; Kim, J; Kim, JH; Choi, DS; Kim, YKHwang, DGho, YS


JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, vol. 183, no. 8, page. 5113 - 5120, 2009-10

Kim, YS; Hong, SW; Choi, JP; Shin, TS; Moon, HG; Choi, EJ; Jeon, SG; Oh, SY; Gho, YS; Zhu, Z; Kim, YK


PROTEOMICS, vol. 9, no. 24, page. 5425 - 5436, 2009-12

Lee, EY; Choi, DY; Kim, DK; Kim, JW; Park, JO; Kim, S; Kim, SH; Desiderio, DM; Kim, YK; Kim, KP; Gho, YS


CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL ALLERGY, vol. 39, no. 6, page. 908 - 917, 2009-06

Jeon, SG; Moon, HG; Kim, YS; Choi, JP; Shin, TS; Hong, SW; Tae, YM; Kim, SH; Zhu, Z; Gho, YSKim, YK