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Allergy, vol. 69, no. 4, page. 517 - 526, 2014-04

Choi, EB; Hong, SW; Kim, DK; Jeon, SG; Kim, KR; Cho, SH; Gho, YS; Jee, YK; Kim, YK


JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY, vol. 133, no. 2, page. AB400 - AB400, 2014-02

Lee, SM; Choi, JP; Kim, YM; Choi, SJ; Park, HT; Lee, SP; Cho, SH; Kim, YK


ALLERGY, vol. 69, page. 200 - 201, 2014-09

Lee, SP; Choi, JP; Lee, SM; Kim, YM; Choi, SJ; Park, HT; Cho, SH; Kim, YK


CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL ALLERGY, vol. 41, no. 3, page. 434 - 442, 2011-03

Oh, SY; Park, JU; Zheng, T; Kim, YK; Wu, F; Cho, SH; Barber, D; Penninger, J; Zhu, Z


CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE, vol. 10, no. 3, page. 143 - 152, 2010-09

Kim, EG; Shin, HJ; Lee, CG; Park, HY; Kim, YK; Park, HW; Cho, SH; Min, KU; Cho, ML; Park, SH; Lee, CW