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PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 134, no. 2, page. 625 - 639, 2004-01

Park, M; Kim, SJ; Vitale, A; Hwang, I


PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 135, no. 2, page. 1027 - 1039, 2004-01

Song, WY; Martinoia, E; Lee, J; Kim, D; Kim, DY; Vogt, E; Shim, D; Choi, KS; Hwang, ILee, Y


PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 134, no. 1, page. 129 - 136, 2004-01

Park, J; Gu, Y; Lee, Y; Yang, ZB; Lee, Y


PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 133, no. 4, page. 2040 - 2047, 2003-01

An, SY; Park, S; Jeong, DH; Lee, DY; Kang, HG; Yu, JH; Hur, J; Kim, SR; Kim, YH; Lee, M; Han, SK; Kim, SJ; Yang, JW; Kim, E; Wi, SJ; Chung, HS; Hong, JP; Choe, V; Lee, HK; Choi, JH; Nam, JM; Kim, SR; Park, PB; Park, KY; Kim, WT; Choe, S; Lee, CB; An, GH


PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 134, no. 3, page. 969 - 978, 2004-01

Jeong, JY; Suh, S; Guan, CH; Tsay, YF; Moran, N; Oh, CJ; An, CS; Demchenko, KN; Pawlowski, K; Lee, Y


PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 124, no. 3, page. 1019 - 1026, 2000-01

Yang, YY; Jung, JY; Song, WY; Suh, HS; Lee, Y


PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 133, no. 2, page. 589 - 596, 2003-01

Lee, J; Bae, H; Jeong, J; Lee, JY; Yang, YY; Hwang, I; Martinoia, E; Lee, Y


PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 120, no. 4, page. 1193 - 1203, 1999-01

Moon, YH; Kang, HG; Jung, JY; Jeon, JS; Sung, SK; An, G


PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 121, no. 1, page. 147 - 152, 1999-01

Lee, S; Choi, H; Suh, S; Doo, IS; Oh, KY; Choi, EJ; Taylor, ATS; Low, PS; Lee, Y


PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 129, no. 4, page. 1507 - 1520, 2002-01

Lee, MH; Min, MK; Lee, YJ; Jin, JB; Shin, DH; Kim, DH; Lee, KH; Hwang, I

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