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, 2007-01

Jeon, SG; Oh, SY; Park, HK; Kim, YS; Shim, EJ; Lee, HS; Oh, MH; Bang, B; Chun, EY; Kim, SH; Gho, YS; Zhu, Z; Kim, YY; Kim, YK; 김윤근


, 2007-01

Lee, EY; Bang, JY; Park, GW; Choi, DS; Kang, JS; Kim, HJ; Park, KS; Lee, JO; Kim, YK; Kwon, KH; Kim, KP; Gho, YS; 고용송


, 2007-01

Kim, YK; Oh, HB; Lee, EY; Gho, YS; Lee, JE; Kim, YY; 김윤근


JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY, vol. 76, no. 5, page. 2529 - 2542, 2002-03

Back, SH; Kim, YK; Kim, WJ; Cho, S; Oh, HR; Kim, JE; Jang, SK


JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE, vol. 20, no. 4, page. 677 - 679, 2005-08

Kim, SH; Kim, TB; Yun, YS; Shin, JI; Oh, IY; Sir, JJ; Kim, KM; Park, HK; Kang, HR; Chang, YS; Kim, YK; Cho, SH; Song, YW; Choi, DC; Min, KU; Kim, YY


JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY, vol. 72, no. 11, page. 8782 - 8788, 1998-11

Hahn, B; Kim, YK; Kim, JH; Kim, TY; Jang, SK


JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE, vol. 23, no. 2, page. 232 - 235, 2008-01

Kim, KM; Kwon, HS; Jeon, SG; Park, CH; Sohn, SW; Kim, DI; Kim, SS; Chang, YS; Kim, YK; Cho, SH; Min, KU; Kim, YY


JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE, vol. 23, no. 3, page. 390 - 396, 2008-01

Sohn, SW; Chang, YS; Lee, HS; Chung, DH; Lee, CT; Kim, YH; Kim, YK; Min, KU; Kim, YY; Cho, SH


JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE, vol. 21, no. 2, page. 247 - 252, 2006-04

Kim, TB; Kim, YK; Chang, YS; Kim, SH; Hong, SC; Jee, YK; Cho, SH; Min, KU; Kim, YY


JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE, vol. 21, no. 6, page. 1108 - 1110, 2006-12

Kwon, HS; Chang, YS; Jeong, YY; Lee, SM; Song-, WJ; Kim, HB; Kim, YK; Cho, SH; Kim, YY; Min, KU

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