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RNA-A PUBLICATION OF THE RNA SOCIETY, vol. 10, no. 8, page. 1277 - 1290, 2004-08

Hwang, B; Cho, JS; Yeo, HJ; Kim, JH; Chung, KM; Han, K; Jang, SK; Lee, SW


JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE, vol. 117, no. 18, page. 4209 - 4218, 2004-01

Choi, JH; Hong, WP; Kim, MJ; Kim, JH; Ryu, SH; Suh, PG


JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, vol. 32, no. 16, page. 5678 - 5687, 2012-04

Lee, K; Kim, JH; Kwon, OB; An, K; Ryu, J; Cho, K; Suh, YH; Kim, HS


PLANT JOURNAL, vol. 31, no. 3, page. 331 - 340, 2002-01

Woo, HR; Goh, CH; Park, JH; de la Serve, BT; Kim, JH; Park, YI; Nam, HG


JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY, vol. 85, no. 5, page. 1228 - 1236, 2003-01

Kim, JH; Lee, S; Park, JB; Lee, SD; Kim, JH; Ha, SH; Hasumi, K; Endo, A; Suh, PG; Ryu, SH


MOLECULES AND CELLS, vol. 6, no. 3, page. 259 - 265, 1996-01

Chang, JS; Min, DS; Bae, SS; Kim, JH; Lee, YH; Ryu, SH; Suh, PG


FEBS LETTERS, vol. 581, no. 9, page. 1917 - 1922, 2007-01

Kim, MK; Min, DS; Park, YJ; Kim, JH; Ryu, SH; Bae, YS


CELLULAR SIGNALLING, vol. 18, no. 12, page. 2182 - 2192, 2006-01

Heo, K; Ha, SH; Chae, YC; Lee, S; Oh, YS; Kim, YH; Kim, SH; Kim, JH; Mizoguchi, A; Itoh, TJ; Kwon, HM; Ryu, SH; Suh, PG


CANCER LETTERS, vol. 182, no. 1, page. 75 - 82, 2002-08

Lee, MW; Park, SC; Kim, JH; Kim, IK; Han, KS; Kim, KY; Lee, WB; Jung, YK; Kim, SS