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FEBS LETTERS, vol. 472, no. 1, page. 45 - 49, 2000-01

Kim, BY; Kang, DO; Oh, WK; Kim, JH; Choi, YK; Jang, JS; Suh, PG; Ryu, SH; Mheen, TI; Ahn, JS


FEBS LETTERS, vol. 491, no. 1-2, page. 4 - 8, 2001-01

Jang, IH; Kim, JH; Lee, BD; Bae, SS; Park, MH; Suh, PG; Ryu, SH


FEBS LETTERS, vol. 460, no. 1, page. 161 - 165, 1999-01

Chang, JS; Iwashita, S; Lee, YH; Kim, MJ; Ryu, SH; Suh, PG


FEBS LETTERS, vol. 430, no. 3, page. 231 - 235, 1998-01

Kim, JH; Lee, SD; Han, JM; Lee, TG; Kim, Y; Park, JB; Lambeth, JD; Suh, PG; Ryu, SH


FEBS LETTERS, vol. 570, no. 1-3, page. 47 - 51, 2004-07

Hwang, JS; Kim, CW; Son, KN; Han, KY; Lee, KH; Hynda K Kleinman; Koe, J; Na, DS; Byoung S Kwon; Gho, YS; Kim, J