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ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, vol. 5, no. 11, page. 4581 - 4585, 2013-05

CHOI, SI YOUNG; Hye Moon Lee; Areum Jung


ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, vol. 52, no. 30, page. 7718 - 7723, 2013-06

CHOI, SI YOUNG; H. -M. Lee; A. Jung; S. H. Ko


APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, vol. 107, no. 1, 2015-07

CHOI, SI YOUNG; H. Palneedi; D. Maurya; G. -Y. Kim; S. Priya; S. -J. L. Kang; K. -H. Kim; J. Ryu


ACS Nano, vol. 9, no. 1, page. 327 - 335, 2015-01

CHOI, SI YOUNG; S. -Y. Chung; Y. -M. Kim; J. -G. Kim


NANO LETTERS, vol. 17, no. 9, page. 5458 - 5463, 2017-08

K. Eom; E. Choi; J. Yoon; M. Choi; K. Song; CHOI, SI YOUNG; LEE, DAESU; J. -W. Lee; C. -B Eom; J. Lee


JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, vol. 37, no. 15, page. 4706, 2017-12

CHOI, SI YOUNG; V. Annapureddy; J. -H. Kang; H. Palneedi; J. -W. Kim; C. -W. Ahn; S. D. Johnson; J. Ryu


JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, vol. 37, no. 15, page. 4449 - 4455, 2017-12

CHOI, SI YOUNG; Y. -W. Kim; S. H. Jang; T. Nishimura; S. D. Kim


APL Materials, 2017-06

CHOI, SI YOUNG; G. -Y. Kim; K. Chu; K. -D. Sung; H. -S. Lee; S. -D. Kim; K. Song; T. Choi; J. Lee; J. P. Buban; S. -Y. Yoon; K. -H. Kim; C. -H. Yang


JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, vol. 365, page. 249 - 256, 2017-10

K. Lee; G. J. Yang; H. Kim; T. Kim; S. S. Lee; CHOI, SI YOUNG; S. Choi; Y. Kim


ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, vol. 189, page. 196 - 204, 2016-01

CHOI, SI YOUNG; J. Kim; D. Kim; S. -D. Kim; J. Y. Song; J. Kim

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