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Revisiting Design Methodology for Systems Engineering

Revisiting Design Methodology for Systems Engineering
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Systems Engineering (SE) is an interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful systems. In particular, SE is a very powerful approach to deal with a modern system with increased complexity and risk. Worldwide efforts have been made for the users to adopt SE in real practice including international standards. Depending on the scope, the SE standards specify different SE Processes (SEP) and ‘what-to-do’ for each Process, but mostly not ‘how-to-do.’ This leaves flexibility for the users but difficulty as well. In this thesis, methodology that may be used for executing Technical Process of ISO 15288, for instance, has been developed. Precisely speaking, the Technical Process adopted in thesis is based on the PSE (Plant System Engineering) Process tailored for industrial plant system developed by the Laboratory of Plant Systems Engineering in Graduate School of Engineering Mastership (GEM) of POSTECH. Methodology has been developed by analyzing methods conventionally used for product and system design, followed by tailoring for each Process. The developed methodology has been applied for an example system.
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