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Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Twin-roll Cast Fe-Al-Mn-C Lightweight Steel

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Twin-roll Cast Fe-Al-Mn-C Lightweight Steel
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Al added light weight steels are well known as potential structural materials particularly for automotive applications, showing promising physical, mechanical and technological properties, such as high specific elastic stiffness and strength, excellent ductility and formability, reduced specific weight, and an improved corrosion resistance as well. However, the steel with high Al content is still impossible to produce at conventional continuous casting machines due to chemical instability of mold flux by the reduction reaction of SiO2 in typical mold flux and about 8~10% Al in molten steel, in which the Al content is 300 times more than normal low-carbon Al-killed steel. The compositional variation of mold flux can cause poor lubrication between mold and molten steel, resulting in worse castability and defects on slab surface. So in the present study, the twin-roll casting process has been considered as an alternative for fabricating Al added steels because lubricants such as mold flux are unnecessary in the process. Generally, twin-roll strip casting process is famous for not only reduced production cost and energy saving, but metallurgical merit of grain refinement which is beneficial for overcoming process cracking in conventionally processed ferritic Al added steel. In the context, the comparisons of mechanical properties and microstructures between as-cast strip and conventionally processed one will be introduced. This paper also will present the optimum strip casting and thermo-mechanical treatment conditions for mechanical properties similar to conventionally produced strip.
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