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Function-Property based Job & Solution Matrix for Trend Analysis

Function-Property based Job & Solution Matrix for Trend Analysis
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As market and technology have developed drastically, predicting the future has been a greatest issue in both industrial and academic field for their own future. For the predicting, many foresight methodologies were developed by each government ministry, universities and companies from various countries. All of those methods incorporate trend analysis which is the practice of collecting information and attempting to trend.Traditionally trend analysis was worked by specialists in their field. But nowadays, as information is produced rapidly and business and technology environment becomes complicated, quantitative and systematic support methods are needed. Some researches and products can provide this analysis, but they have some deficiencies for technical trend analysis. Because they are hard to use and they only consider technology side trend.In this paper, framework of Jobs to be done and Solution matrix construction is suggested from patent data for the technical trend analysis. And, trend analysis procedure is suggested for expected users.The contribution of this research is to provide technical trend analysis method simply for amateur in their field, and to suggest a point of view for trend analysis newly. Also, this makes a point of contact between technology and needs of market and customers. Therefore, trend analysis which is related technology, customers’ needs, market, and business side can be conducted.For the future study, developing method of extracting Job & Solution from the patent exactly and finding data source to supplement deficiency of patent data for the real-time trend analysis should be conducted.
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