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QoS를 지원하는 클라우드 컴퓨팅 자원 할당 기법

QoS를 지원하는 클라우드 컴퓨팅 자원 할당 기법
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Cloud computing resource allocation is allocating the tasks that clients need to each cloud computing resources efficiently. We applied the concept ‘utility’. Utility means how much the clients satisfy about the given allocation. Utility value is calculated using the sum of total execution time of tasks and the client’s total cost of using cloud computing resources. In this paper, we applied QoS(Quality of Service) concept by dividing clients into several groups. Clients in same group have similar utility values and clients in group of higher level have better utility values than clients in lower level group. We propose a method to divide the level of a service using level of clients in allocation algorithm. In this paper the proposed allocation algorithm consists of two phases. The first phase is initial allocation phase. In this phase, tasks are allocated to minimize the deviation of utilities in same group and divide the utility values of different groups. The second phase is swap phase. In this phase, allocated tasks are swapped in calculated ratio to reduce the total execution time maintaining the deviation of system. Total utility of the system is improved by second phase by the decrease of total execution time. We compared simulation results with game-theoretic method. The game-theoretic method had randomly diffused utility values, but proposed heuristic swap method had standardized utility values.
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