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인간공학적 설계 특성을 고려한 최적 Console Layout 설계 System 개발

인간공학적 설계 특성을 고려한 최적 Console Layout 설계 System 개발
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Ergonomic design of controls and displays in console is important in preventing human error and for efficiency and convenience of operation. For an ergonomic design of console layout, all of layout design criteria (importance, frequency of use, sequence of use, and functional relationship) and ergonomic design criteria (visibility and reachability) should be considered. However, previous studies applied only some design characteristics of layout and ergonomic design criteria to their console layout design. For a design of optimal ergonomic console layout, it is necessary to apply overall layout and ergonomic design criteria.This study developed an optimal console layout design system (hereafter "console layout optimizer") by applying all design characteristics of layout and ergonomic design criteria, and investigated the utility of console layout optimizer using case study. First, we developed a console layout optimizer to search for an optimal design of console layout using optimization technique. The console layout optimizer consists of 1) Entering system information module, 2) Optimization module, and 3) Visualizing layout module. In the entering system information module, we enter system information about console layout (e.g., design criteria, operation tasks, or design requirements) which is used for searching an optimal design of console layout. In the optimization module, some of representative layouts are derivated by priority-based branch & bound technique and k-means clustering. In the visualizing layout module, the locations of controls and displays for each representative layout are displayed in the console layout optimizer.Second, we investigated the utility of the console layout optimizer by applying it to designing console layout for low-altitude surveillance radar. Basic information of low-altitude surveillance radar (e.g., operation tasks, importance, or sequence of use) is classified by analyzing textbook for radar and doing survey of radar users. The console layout optimizer derivates five representative layouts, and all representative layouts get ergonomic performance better than the existing layout.This study developed console layout optimizer applying all design characteristics of layout and ergonomic design criteria systematically. The console layout optimizer suggests some representative layouts which are satisfying design characteristics and design requirements. In console layout optimizer, designers can easily enter design characteristics and design requirements through UI, and it can be applied universally to various console layout design.
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