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철강 플랜트 EPC 프로젝트 계약자의 설비조달 리스크 대응방안 연구

철강 플랜트 EPC 프로젝트 계약자의 설비조달 리스크 대응방안 연구
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Due to uniqueness of the plant construction industries, the importance of procurement management in the plant construction projects is increasing. But because most activities are related to procurement management performed by external stakeholders, the projects have been exposed to relatively large risks. Thus, for the success of the project, contractor needs more attention to procurement management in contracting stage of EPC project life cycleThe purpose of this study is to identify the major risk factors which are related to the procurement of EPC project, and to propose an efficient response plans for the success of the EPC project.Based on some study in this report, the results of study and analysis are summarized as follows.First, project risk management process and procurement process for plant project is analyzed based on reference papers. Second, the major risk factors in EPC projects for steel making plant were identified. Third, priorities of the main risk factors were determined utilizing P-I Matrix method. Fourth, the risk response plans, and the checklist for risk management on the project life-cycle were proposed. Fifth, a case study performed based on checklist proposed in this report for steel making plant and expert validation carried out in order to improve the credibility of the proposed process for possibility of plant business.The outcomes of this study are that (1) the development of the check-lists for identification of procurement risks and (2) effective risk response measurement for managing risk management process for steel making plants.Utilizing the proposed risk assessment tools, it is expected that the goals of the project (i.e. within budget, on time delivery and higher quality) improve project management competency for risk and will be substantially achieved for EPC projects.
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