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플랜트엔지니어링 조직의 프로젝트관리역량 평가모델 및 향상방안 연구

플랜트엔지니어링 조직의 프로젝트관리역량 평가모델 및 향상방안 연구
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Recently, Korean plant engineering companies have grown sharply by winning overseas contracts especially in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. But, the profitability of the overseas Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) plant projects deteriorates due to several reasons such as over-competition and lack of project management competences to deal with the complex EPC projects. Therefore, the improvement of project management competences is strongly required in proportion to the development of the large-scale EPC projects.This paper presents the assessment model for project management competences and the suggestion for improvement for plant engineering companies. The model is basically founded on several standards of Project Management Institute (PMI) internationally recognized. The assessment items consist of individual competences such as technical engineering knowledge, project management knowledge, personality, performance and organizational competences such as strategic decision making, functional practices.A case study is carried out in order to validate the application of the suggested model and measure each competence level. The case study reveals the individual technical knowledge has a positive effect on the individual performance competence. Similarly, the individual performance affects the organizational functional competence in terms of schedule and cost management. And the average rating of overall project management competences is 2.75 (level 2 out of 4), that there are still substantial opportunities for improvement of the competences.A corporate operation plan for Project Management Office (PMO) appropriate to the plant engineering companies is suggested to improve the project management competences of both individual and organizational level. The PMO proposed in the plan performs not only direct monitoring and management of projects, but also as a role of control tower for planning and execution of improving the competences.The assessment model suggested in this study provides a comparative analysis on project management competences in both individual and organizational aspects, and helps the corporate management identify current level of each competence and decide the components of competence into which are required to be put time and cost for further improvements.
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