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프로젝트 완성도 인덱스를 활용한 철강 플랜트 프로젝트의 Front End Planning 프로세스 개발

프로젝트 완성도 인덱스를 활용한 철강 플랜트 프로젝트의 Front End Planning 프로세스 개발
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EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) plant projects have the tendency of mega-sized and complex forms. And most of the plant projects’ delivery method is EPC Lump-sum contract. The EPC plant project market is increasing constantly and domestic contractors are struggled with EPC plant projects. EPC contractor should deliver the plant with the complete facilities and services at the fixed price within the completion date. When the contractor does not comply with the employer’s requirements, the financial responsibility shall be taken to the contractor. According to the Chaos Report, most of the project’s success and failure factors are related to the project definition activities such as project alignment, stakeholder’s involvement and team building activities. The purpose of this study is to develop the front end development processes to increase the project success likelihood in the steel plant project. There are two representative front end development processes such as CII’s Front End Planning (FEP) processes and IPA’s Front End Loading (FEL) processes. According to the CII and IPA’s research, the FEP and FEL processes are key driver for the success of the project. This study focuses on the CII’s FEP processes because the FEP Processes are fit for steel plant project. According to the study of the relationship between FEP process and global project management standards, the FEP processes are closely related to the project scope management process of the PMBOK Guide and principles of focus on product and manage by stages of PRINCE2. To develop the FEP process of the steel plant project, the author analyzed the problem of present project’s early stage activities of representative employer and contractor. And employer’s and contractor’s FEP processes are validated with expert group’s various Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) workshops. The validated steel plant project’s FEP processes are improved compare to the present project’s early stage activities. The application of the FEP is the first attempt to domestic steel plant projects. And the developed FEP processes ensure the success of the project. In the meantime, to apply developed FEP process in real projects, it should be tailored under the unique project’s environments.And this paper guides to the further study such as the connected study with Value Engineering, the development of optimized PDRI to the employer and contractor aspect, and the connected study with Independent Power Producer.
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