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극저온 공기분리 공정에 대한 modeling과 sensitivity analysis에 관한 연구

극저온 공기분리 공정에 대한 modeling과 sensitivity analysis에 관한 연구
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Oxygen and nitrogen, the major products of air separation process, are widely used as resources, fuel, and raw materials in scientific and industrial fields such as steel, petrochemical, semiconductor, aeronautical and even medical as well. In particular the steel industry consumes large amounts of oxygen and nitrogen in the process of purification, de-carbonization, reduction and heating. Cryogenic air separation process is usually used in producing significant quantities of high purity oxygen and nitrogen in gaseous or liquid phase. In this study, the cryogenic air separation process being adapted for liquid oxygen and gaseous nitrogen production in a steel work is simulated, optimized and analyzed through sensitivity studies. Cryogenic double distillation column and heat exchangers, the key units in the cryogenic air separation process, were modeled by a simulation tool, Aspen Plus, to simulate the actual oxygen and nitrogen production process with operating conditions and product specifications in the field. The simulation model was optimized to derive the most efficient design and operating conditions and evaluated by sensitivity analysis.
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