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대 체적 골조직재생을 위한 치수줄기세포와 두 가지 성장인자가 프린팅 된 구조체의 개발

대 체적 골조직재생을 위한 치수줄기세포와 두 가지 성장인자가 프린팅 된 구조체의 개발
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Vascularized tissue regeneration is one of main issues for sufficient nutrition transport. When the engineered structure is implanted, tissue regeneration depends on surrounding diffusive nutrient supply and waste removal processes until the target tissue becomes vascularized. The aim of this study was to build a three-dimensional structure with vascular networks for bone tissue regeneration. To offer a vascularized condition, rapid prototype-based structure was designed to control the position and release time of dual growth factors. Cell source was dental pulp stem cell (DPSC) which has multipotency into both vascular networks and bone by dual growth factors
VEGF and BMP-2. Two types of hydrogel, which were able to control the release time of dual growth factors, were dispensed at the desired position with cell. Finally, various assays such as histochemical/immunohistochemical analyses, ELISA, and real time PCR were carried out to prove the effect of designed structure in both in vitro and in vivo.
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