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나노 에너지 소자와 복합 에너지 제너레이터에 대한 연구

나노 에너지 소자와 복합 에너지 제너레이터에 대한 연구
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We have shown the enhanced piezoelectricity by electrostatic effects on a textile based platform. The electrostatic and piezoelectric effects were hybridized by integrating piezoelectric ZnO nanofibers and a charged dielectric film on a wearable textile substrate. The hybrid textile nanogenerator produced an output voltage of 8 V and an output current of 2.5 mA. Using a simple AC–DC converter circuit, we operated the green organic light-emitting diode and a liquid crystal display panel using a 100 dB sonic wave. And, a hybrid architecture consisting of an inverted organic photovoltaic device and a randomly-oriented electrospun PVDF piezoelectric device was fabricated as a highly-efficient energy generator. It uses the inverted photovoltaic device with coupled electrospun PVDF nanofibers as tandem structure to convert solar and mechanical vibrations energy to electricity simultaneously or individually. The power conversion efficiency of the photovoltaic device was also significantly improved up to 4.72% by optimized processes such as intrinsic ZnO, MoO3 and active layer. A simple electrospinning method with the two electrode technique was adopted to achieve a high voltage of ~ 300 mV in PVDF piezoelectric fibers. Highly-efficient HEG using voltage adder circuit provides the conceptual possibility of realizing multi-functional energy generator whenever and wherever various energy sources are available.
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