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고프레임율 갑상선 초음파 탄성영상의 타당성

고프레임율 갑상선 초음파 탄성영상의 타당성
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Thyroid nodules are a very common clinical problem. Thyroid cancer is becoming the most common cancer among Korean women, surpassing breast cancer. a fine-needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy is recommended because FNA is the standard procedure for the preoperative evaluation of thyroid nodules. However, FNA is costly, and a large percentage (approximately 70%) of these FNAs turn out to be benign findings. Thus, it would be beneficial to reduce the number of FNAs on many benign nodules. US elastography has the potential to make a noninvasive differential diagnosis between benign and malignant thyroid nodules. With the conventional US imaging method, when the tissue motion or deformation occurs quickly (e.g., shear wave elasticity imaging or cardiac strain rate imaging), the frame rate may not be high enough to track this fast tissue deformation. Therefore, high-frame-rate US imaging methods have been developed. One of the most widely used methods in achieving high-frame-rate US is to use unfocused US beams (i.e., flash imaging). In this paper, we presents feasibility of high frame rate US for thyroid elastography whether it can provide additional information compared to conventional US imaging or not. We observed that the sum of the power spectral densities for a normal thyroid gland is larger than that for a benign nodule in the frequency range higher than 100 Hz(p < 0.05). It seems that the difference in the power spectral density sums between a normal thyroid gland and a benign nodule result from the presence of a high frequency range. We also found that the sum of power spectral densities depended on the ROI selection (distance from carotid artery and ROI size). Based on these study results, further investigations are required on data acquisition from subject with consistent view of a thyroid gland to reduce the ROI dependency of the power spectral density and on reducing undesirable motion from patients' respiration and / or transducer. To increase a confidence level of our feasibility study, enough data acquisition ( over 50 data set ) and various signal analysis methods would be needed.
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