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트리플 패러럴 메커니즘을 이용한 전동 인공 의수용 안전 메커니즘 설계

트리플 패러럴 메커니즘을 이용한 전동 인공 의수용 안전 메커니즘 설계
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The prosthetic arm is commonly used to hide the wearer’s physical disability from others with an arm model. As more advanced technology emerged, the desire for a functional prosthetic arm with good appearance increased. For these reasons, the electric artificial prosthetic arm emerged and made great progress in realizing the wearer’s desires. The electric artificial prosthetic arm consists of many components such as frames, actuators, sensors, controllers, batteries, and adapters and so on. Until now, development of the technology for these components took a dominant role in the design of the electric artificial prosthetic arm. However, the application of the prosthetic arm in the real world meant that the technology regarding its safety is essential. This paper proposed a safety device to be used on an electric artificial prosthetic arm. First, this paper will present the design method for the safety device using a triple parallel mechanism, a decelerator, and a steel-ball gear system that intends to replace the existing serrated gear system. Second, the safe devices manufactured using the proposed method will be demonstrated through experiments to make sure that the safety behavior in real-life situations is adequate.
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