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Polar 부호의 효율적인 리스트 복호 기법

Polar 부호의 효율적인 리스트 복호 기법
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In this thesis, an efficient list decoding method is proposed which is a generalization of the conventional list decoding method. In contrast with the conventional list decoding method, the proposed one measures reliability of all decoding paths contained in the list and only splits unreliable decoding paths. The reliability of each decoding path is measured by the absolute value of log likelihood ratio (LLR) for the input of each polarized channel. While performing the proposed decoding method, the current decoding path is split into two paths corresponding to 0 and 1 if it is unreliable, i.e., the magnitude of the LLR for each decoding path is smaller than a predefined LLR threshold TLLR. When the number of paths grows beyond the maximum list size Lmax, the proposed decoder discards the worst paths from the list and keeps only the Lmax most likely paths. Simulation results show that when a LLR threshold TLLR is appropriately set, the resulting frame error rate (FER) can approach to that of the conventional list decoder with much lower average computational complexity and time delay.
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