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음향 및 기계-전기 상호작용을 고려한 수중음향센서 배열의 응답특성 연구

음향 및 기계-전기 상호작용을 고려한 수중음향센서 배열의 응답특성 연구
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In air, the attenuation of electromagnetic wave is smaller than that of acoustic wave however the trend is reversed underwater. Therefore, in underwater, acoustic wave is used for information transfer. Accordingly, the underwater acoustic sensor systems are employed in many fields such as underwater communication and underwater exploration. In recent years, the acoustic signal is widely used for exploitation of submarine mineral resources or survey geographical features for the development of seabed. Especially in military, the acoustic signals is used to detect floating in the water or buried in seabed, submarines or unidentified objects. Specialized underwater sensor system for this purpose is called SONAR (Sound Navigation And Ranging). Including these kinds of SONAR, the transducer used in underwater can be called a fusion technology containing the mechanical, electrical and acoustical field. Therefore, in order to predict the response characteristics of underwater acoustic transducer, acoustic-mechanical-electrical interaction should be considered. In this study, in order to predict the response characteristics of underwater acoustic transducer, acoustic and mechanical-electrical interaction considered, and projector and hydrophone model were implemented numerical simulation method. Using this implemented numerical simulation, we can examine the response characteristics of underwater acoustic transducer. Response characterizations were predicted by applying the implemented numerical simulation method to the Tonpliz transducer array used in underwater object detection system. As a result, in case of acoustic array sensor generated in water, the loading effect and mutual impedance must be considered.
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