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외래종 침입에 따른 토종 포식자의 반응에 대한 생태계 모델링 연구

외래종 침입에 따른 토종 포식자의 반응에 대한 생태계 모델링 연구
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Invasion of the alien species causes often serious problems such as extinction of the native species. These problems occur not only in ecology but also in economy of human society. Therefore it is important to understand the mechanism of the success in invasion and to predict possible invasions. This study presents a methodology to forecast the outputs of an invasion. Native community responds to the invasion of the exotic species. Migration and competition are examples of the responses. We compute which response is the best strategy to maintain the native community. In addition, we simulate the superior invasion and large number of invasion species circumstances. In the light of native species extinction, avoidant response and flexible response are the most stable responses. On the other hand, strong response is the worst strategy. We also measure the coupling of the native community for each response. From this result, although the results of the extinction are similar, flexible and avoidant response are not the same strategies.
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