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기술거래 촉진을 위한 기술트리 기반의 정보시스템 개발

기술거래 촉진을 위한 기술트리 기반의 정보시스템 개발
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More businesses are trying to adopt open innovation, because product life cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. To properly incorporate an open innovation strategy, the flow of technical information is very crucial. Thus, this research designs an information system of technical information to enrich its exchange between participants. The participants and users of this information system are technology information providers, such as universities and research centers, and its users, such as enterprises and small & medium businesses. This research conducted interviews of two SME owners and ten researchers in aims of constructing a user-friendly system. Furthermore, the information system of technical information is based on the technology trees. The users can upload their technical information in accordance with the position it lies within the technology trees. This information system provides many advantages to both the technology information providers, as well as its users. The advantages this system provides the providers are the enhancements on research planning ability, promotion of performance, and increases in profits through more vigorous opportunities of technology transfer. In contract, the advantage for the users is reducing the technology transfer expenses. Thus through the technology information system proposed in this research, open innovation can be further expanded and exercised. In addition on a national level, the government can utilize this system as a tool to improve the national R&D productivity.
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