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RF 위상 집속을 향상시킨 엑스레이 소스용 C-밴드 정상파형 전자가속기

RF 위상 집속을 향상시킨 엑스레이 소스용 C-밴드 정상파형 전자가속기
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Electron RF Accelerators for X-ray imaging applications require a small beam radius to achieve fine spatial resolution. By adopting transverse RF focusing in an accelerator, one can achieve a compact system without external magnets. We are developing two C-band compact standing-wave accelerators with different average beam energy. The first one which was developed is capable of producing 4-MeV, 50-mA beams with an input RF power of 1.5 MW. The beam radius at the end of column is about 1.1 mm without external magnets. Based on the development of the first one, the second one was designed to enhance RF phase focusing in the bunching cells, in order to achieve less than 0.7-mm beam radius without external magnets. It is capable of producing 6-MeV, 80-mA beams with the same input RF power. Two approaches to enhance the RF phase focusing were conducted. First, the phase velocities of bunching cells are optimized for maximum beam-focusing while preserving beam-bunching. Second, the first bunching cell is shaped with longitudinally asymmetric geometry, in order to suppress the defocusing effect on a portion of beam slices. With these approaches, the beam radius is reduced to 0.6 mm from PARMELA simulation. In this paper, we present details of design and fabrication process of the accelerator system and beam measurements. Also, we present the beam dynamics with RF phase focusing effects.
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