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빅데이터 기반의 비즈니스 인텔리전스 발전 전략

빅데이터 기반의 비즈니스 인텔리전스 발전 전략
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Generally we have facilitated Business Intelligence(BI) action through more than a decade, but it still seems that it has stayed in a strange area. The reason why the term is unfamiliar to us would be that BI is working around us in different name like SCM, CRM, ERP etc. But they became to offer only a limited definition and role of BI in these days due to the emerging of Big Data, which is a fundamental challenge for enterprises and governments. Through case studies of IBM, Oracle and Teradata, this research figures out 3 critical competences that BI vendors must consider to getinitiative in future BI infra market based on Big Date environment. These companies are suggesting new key capabilities like Big Data analysis, real time transaction and BI standardization. However, this research has limitation that the environment of research is based on an assumption that every companies may need BI solution for unstructured data. Unfortunately, most of enterprises has B2B business model which requires only a capability for structured data, in other word, non-Big Data thing.
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