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환경경영으로 지속가능발전을 위한 기업구성원의 역할 제고방안 연구

환경경영으로 지속가능발전을 위한 기업구성원의 역할 제고방안 연구
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This purpose of this study is to analyze with empirical-positive approach about position, importance of role and priority of corporate members who is most fundamental component for the environmental management to sustainable development. Through this, propose what should be considered as a corporate member. In order to achive the purpose, this study recognized the importance of corporation members by STEEP(Social, Technical, Economic, Ecological, Political) analyze method at the macro-environmental viewpoint. And tried to identify the importance of the role by relative importance comparative study with AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process). Carry out a survey fifty person who is specialist of environment or expert of management and not only find priority but also analyze complexity. The main result of this study is as follow. As a role of corporate member, communicate with the competent authorities/ insiders/ stakeholders are the most important and it depends on the corporate members’ ability in performing their duties and decision making. Also It is needed that be qualified exhaustive environmental mind and professionalism, constant education and training on the self-study base. Moreover, It appeared that organization, human resources and management of environmental facilities are basic sufficient condition.
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