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Porous Mateirals with Controllable Porosity

Porous Mateirals with Controllable Porosity
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This thesis describes the syntheses and investigation novel hybrid materials based on metal-organic porous frameworks which are constructed from metal node and organic linkers. Throughout the last decade, a lot of metal-organic porous materials (MOPMs) with nice and unique properties have been reported. These materials have large surface area, adjustable pore size, designable frameworks with controllable chemical functionality and reasonable thermal stability. Chapter 1 generally describes properties and applications of other porous materials as well as MOPM structures. Many porous materials can be combined with other functional materials for synergy properties and a new application. Chapter 2 presents the combination of molecular machines with MOPM structures. Molecular machines can be operated by various stimuli such as electrochemically induced, photochemically induced or chemically induced. A number of fabrications of molecular switches on other functional materials (nanoparticles, thin films, etc.) were already reported in new generation of hybrid materials with controllable structural properties. Following this concept, MOPM structures could also be combined with molecular machines to create novel functional materials for new applications. The modification of MOPM structure by some molecular machines allow us to control porous properties of MOPMs. Molecular machine can play a role of the gate, assisting in controllable sorption or release of guest molecules from the porous structure.
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