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Study on the NKT ligand in Adoptive CD8 T cell therapy

Study on the NKT ligand in Adoptive CD8 T cell therapy
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GalCer is a synthetic glycolipid which is well known as a potent and specific activator of iNKT cells in humans and mice. Since NKT cells activated by GalCer resulted in rapid production of both Th1 and Th2 cytokines, GalCer demonstrates the ability to suppress autoimmune disease, induce tolerance, enhance tumor surveillance and regulate infectious disease in a mouse model. Notably, GalCer exhibits potent antitumor activity in various kinds of in vivo murine experimental models including subcutaneously implanted and metastatic models in the liver and lung. Due to its potency, GalCer has been applied to cancer immunotherapy for clinical trials. However, outcome of GalCer usage was disappointing despite it inducing various cytokines secretion in serum. Although adoptive CD8 T cell therapy has provided a promising immunotherapeutic regime, its use in current regimes against tumor need to be improved to obtain enhanced efficacy and safety for clinical trials. To enhance the efficacy and safety of adoptive CD8 T cell therapy, several techniques were introduced and used, such as administration of exogenous IL-2, induction of immune-depleting environment and gene modification of T cells. However, adoptive CD8 T cell therapy has never been used in combination with GalCer in any trials. Here, I studied the potency of GalCer and its application in adoptive CD8 T cell therapy with its mechanism.
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