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모바일 애드 혹 네트워크 상에서 가중치를 둔 비밀 공유를 이용한 분산 인증 기관 구축 방법

모바일 애드 혹 네트워크 상에서 가중치를 둔 비밀 공유를 이용한 분산 인증 기관 구축 방법
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Node authentication is an essential security service in mobile ad-hoc networks(MANETs). To provide a node authentication service, we have to construct adistributed certificate authority in MANETs. Many distributed certificateauthority schemes were proposed, but Fully Distributed Certificate Authority(FDCA) schemes are suitable for MANETs because they don’t need anyunrealistic assumptions and they can provide certificate services based on one-hopneighbor nodes. However, FDCA schemes cannot provide certificate servicewhen there are not enough neighbors. In this thesis, to solve the number ofneighbor node problem in FDCA schemes, we propose a distributed certificateauthority scheme with weighted secret sharing. Proposed scheme can enhance thecertificate service stability by adjusting each CA node’s secret share weight withconsidering current node degree information. To adjust the share weight, we alsoproposed a bivariate polynomial-based weighted threshold signature scheme. Wehave analyzed our scheme based on security criteria, and have conductedextensive experiments using the ns-2 simulator to evaluate our scheme andcompare it with previous schemes.
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