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마이크로 챔버 내에서의 압전 캔틸레버 센서의 측정 신뢰성 확보 기술

마이크로 챔버 내에서의 압전 캔틸레버 센서의 측정 신뢰성 확보 기술
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In this master thesis, a micro-chamber system is studied and developed to enhance of measurement reliability using PEMC(PiezoElectric Micro-Cantilever) sensor in order to use in a portable diagnosis system or Lab-On-a-Chip(LOC) for detecting biomaterials such as protein or DNA.The PEMS sensor has been developed for mass sensor by our group. The sensor detects a tiny amount of mass the change in the resonance frequency of a micro-cantilever with a piezoelectric film based on the mass-micro-balancing technique.In order to measure accurate a tiny amount of mass, the environmental effects such as air condition, humidity and temperature are considered. The method to determine the PEMC sensor is actuated in micro-chamber to minimize the environmental effects and use array PEMC sensor for multi-plexed detection.The shape, size and PEMC position in chamber are consided in micro-chamber design because its acoustic-structure interaction effect is very high due to the large acoustic radiation impedance in micro-chamber.A numerical approach to investigate the size and shape effect on the resonance frequency and sensitivity associated with the first mode of micro-cantilever vibration in micro-chamber.The numerical simulation results using COMSOL are verified by experiments and compared with the approximate analytical solutions.And an array PEMC sensor is tested by detecting HBsAg in micro-chamber using “flow and dry technique”. The results of the HBsAg detection experiments show that the performance of the sensor is analyzed in micro-chamber.
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