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A study on RCS Reconstruction using Target Scattering Centers

A study on RCS Reconstruction using Target Scattering Centers
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Recently, radar cross section (RCS) analysis using the target's scattering centers is widely investigated for radar target recognition. To get RCS of the targets easily and accurately, laser-scanned 3D CAD models of the targets were used. The direct RCS calculations of the targets were obtained by the numerical analysis program. In addition, the inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) data of the targets were acquired by using a high frequency electromagnetic scattering analysis technique (physical optics). Then 3 dimensional scattering centers of the targets were obtained at the intervals of 5° in azimuth direction from the ISAR data. Using the scattering centers of the targets, the targets' RCS were reconstructed. After the RCS were reconstructed, those were compared to the direct RCS of each target. The maximum difference, average differences and correlation coefficients between two RCS were calculated. The direct RCS and reconstructed RCS in certain conditions were in good agreements. The error analysis between two RCS were performed to find out that the intervals of the scattering centers database for each target to have errors of less than 2% were different depending on the target size.
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