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브러쉬폴리비닐 공중합체의 합성 및 분석 연구

브러쉬폴리비닐 공중합체의 합성 및 분석 연구
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Polymer materials are widely used in biocompatible, ion-sensing and electrical devices, because of their good scalability, mechanical strength, flexibility, and most important of all, ease of processing. As an alternative to the more elaborate processes of vacuum evaporation and deposition of inorganic and organic molecular materials, manufacturers could eventually use ink-jet printers or spin-coater, for example, to deposit polymers on a variety of substrates. In addition, one of advantages of polymer materials is possibility of versatile application by means of simple synthesis. The function of polymer can be changed by addition of specific molecules to polymer backbone or side chain. In particular, brush block polyvinyls are representative electrically useful materials for various fields.In this research, the synthesis and characterization of new types of diblock copolymers are composed of electron transferring and hole transferring (carbazole, cyano, and introduction to functional groups moiety) material polymers (PE3VC-PtBA, PE3VC-P9HNA, PE3VC-PN4HNA). These diblock copolymers were successfully synthesized using the reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization. Low-polydispersity samples of various compositions can be prepared using macromolecular chain transfer agent.
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