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Tunable, Deformable, Stretchabe and Emitting Chiral Photonic Structure

Tunable, Deformable, Stretchabe and Emitting Chiral Photonic Structure
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The Society for Information Display (SID), The Korean Information Display Society (KIDS)
Recently, research interests in chiral photonics is rapidly increasing toward various applications including display, sensors, optical communication and high quality optical cavity. Compared to the complex nano processed photonic systems helicoidal arrangements of optical dielectric materials in chiral photonic structure allows easy and inexpensive high quality optical photonic wavelength forbidden band structure which can be scalable and used for practical applications. Furthermore, in contrast to the expensive nano-processed optical structure, which is fixed and difficult to change properties due to the dependency of confirmed nano fabricated structure, chiral photonic band structure and photonic properties can be tuned by changing chiral pitch length or effective optical dielectric or structure deformation using of soft matters such as polymer and liquid crystals. In this invited talk, we discuss the controlled deformation of chiral structure in various methods and advanced functionalities of chiral photonic systems. In details, electrical tunability wavelength in broadband with stable optical quality, polymer chiral template for 2D and 3D structure and in further reversibly stretchable chiral photonic structure are discussed. By using of these high quality nano optical cavity properties and advanced functionalities of easy structured chiral photonic structure we briefly introduce chiral photonic micro laser emission which can be beyond OLED and QD emission. We also discuss the sufficiently hyper twisted helically rotating system which allows negative inversion of slow axis along to the helical axis. In further, electrical deformation of this hyper twisted chiral optical slow axis switching for ultra fast electro-optical switching will be briefly explained.
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20th International Meeting on Information Display (IMID 2020), 2020-08-25
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