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CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, vol. 26, no. 6, page. 2147 - 2154, 2014-03

Yum, S; An, TK; Wang, X; Lee, W; Uddin, MA; Kim, YJ; Nguyen, TL; Xu, S; Hwang, S; Park, CE; Woo, HY


PHYSICAL REVIEW B, vol. 65, no. 22, 2002-01

Kang, JS; Moritomo, Y; Xu, S; Olson, CG; Park, JH; Kwon, SK; Min, BI


Pure and Applied Chemistry, vol. 86, no. 8, page. 1293 - 1302, 2014-08

Yum, S; An, TK; Wang, X; Uddin, MA; Nguyen, TL; Xu, S; Ryu, H; Kim, YJ; Hwang, S; Park, CE; Woo, HY