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ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, vol. 2, no. 4, page. 1100 - 1106, 2010-04

Kong, H; Lee, DH; Seo, JI; Oh, JY; Chung, DS; Park, JW; Kwon, SK; Lee, YS; Park, CE; Shim, HK


JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, vol. 19, no. 38, page. 7062 - 7069, 2009-01

Lee, SK; Ahn, T; Park, JH; Jung, YK; Chung, DS; Park, CE; Shim, HK


ORGANIC ELECTRONICS, vol. 11, no. 5, page. 899 - 904, 2010-05

Chung, DS; Kong, H; Yun, WM; Cha, H; Shim, HK; Kim, YH; Park, CE


BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, vol. 28, no. 11, page. 1945 - 1950, 2007-01

Kong, H; Chung, DS; Kang, IN; Lim, E; Jung, YK; Park, JH; Park, CE; Shim, HK


JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, vol. 20, no. 3, page. 524 - 530, 2010-01

Chung, DS; Park, JW; Park, JH; Moon, D; Kim, GH; Lee, HS; Lee, DH; Shim, HK; Kwon, SK; Park, CE


JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, vol. 18, no. 16, page. 1895 - 1902, 2008-01

Kong, H; Lee, DH; Kang, IN; Lim, E; Jung, YK; Park, JH; Ahn, T; Yi, MH; Park, CE; Shim, HK


CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 46, no. 11, page. 1863 - 1865, 2010-01

Park, JH; Chung, DS; Lee, DH; Kong, H; Jung, IH; Park, MJ; Cho, NS; Park, CE; Shim, HK


ORGANIC ELECTRONICS, vol. 11, no. 5, page. 820 - 830, 2010-05

Park, JH; Lee, DH; Kong, H; Park, MJ; Jung, IH; Park, CE; Shim, HK


JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, vol. 90, no. 5, page. 2128 - 2134, 2001-09

Lee, TW; Park, OO; Do, LM; Zyung, TY; Ahn, T; Shim, HK


ORGANIC LETTERS, vol. 9, no. 13, page. 2573 - 2576, 2007-01

Park, JH; Chung, DS; Park, JW; Ahn, T; Kong, H; Jung, YK; Lee, J; Yi, MH; Park, CE; Kwon, SK; Shim, HK


POLYMER, vol. 55, no. 19, page. 4837 - 4845, 2014-09

Lee, J; Cha, H; Kong, H; Seo, M; Heo, J; Jung, IH; Kim, J; Shim, HK; Park, CE; Kim, SY


JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE PART A-POLYMER CHEMISTRY, vol. 49, no. 13, page. 2886 - 2898, 2011-07

Kong, H; Cho, S; Lee, DH; Cho, NS; Park, MJ; Jung, IH; Park, JH; Park, CE; Shim, HK


ORGANIC ELECTRONICS, vol. 11, no. 9, page. 1534 - 1542, 2010-09

Cha, H; Hoyoul, K; Chung, DS; Yun, WM; An, TK; Hwang, J; Kim, YH; Shim, HK; Park, CE