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, 2007-01

Lee, EY; Bang, JY; Park, GW; Choi, DS; Kang, JS; Kim, HJ; Park, KS; Lee, JO; Kim, YK; Kwon, KH; Kim, KP; Gho, YS; 고용송


JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH, vol. 6, no. 12, page. 4646 - 4655, 2007-01

Choi, DS; Lee, JM; Park, GW; Lim, HW; Bang, JY; Kim, YK; Kwon, KH; Kwon, HJ; Kim, KP; Gho, YS


IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRONICS, vol. E82C, no. 9, page. 1699 - 1706, 1999-01

Kim, JC; Lee, SH; Lee, JH; Lee, DY; Jung, C; Park, HJ; Mok, IS; Kim, HG; Park, GW