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Journal of Immunology, vol. 194, no. 7, page. 3361 - 3368, 2015-04

Kim, YS; Lee, WH; Choi, EJ; Choi, JP; Heo, YJ; Gho, YS; Jee, YK; Oh, YM; Kim, YK


JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION, vol. 122, no. 9, page. 3248 - 3259, 2012-09

Kim, HA; Koo, BK; Cho, JH; Kim, YY; Seong, J; Chang, HJ; Oh, YM; Stange, DE; Park, JG; Hwang, D; Kong, YY


PLOS ONE, vol. 4, no. 9, 2009-09

Oh, YM; Kim, JK; Choi, Y; Choi, S; Yoo, JY


HEPATOLOGY, vol. 64, no. 1, page. 209 - 223, 2016-07

Oh, YM; Park, O; Swierczewska, M; Hamilton, JP; Park, JS; Kim, TH; Lim, SM; Eom, H; Jo, DG; Lee, CE; Kechrid, R; Mastorakos, P; Zhang, C; Hahn, SK; Jeon, OC; Byun, Y; Kim, K; Hanes, J; Lee, KC; Pomper, MG; Gao, B; Lee, S