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Issue DateTitle

SOLID STATE COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 127, no. 9-10, page. 609 - 612, 2003-01

Kim, HS; Lee, CH; Lee, CE; Jeong, YH; Hur, NH


MATERIALS RESEARCH BULLETIN, vol. 39, no. 13, page. 2119 - 2125, 2004-01

Joh, KW; Lee, CH; Lee, CE; Noh, SJ; Jeong, YH


CURRENT APPLIED PHYSICS, vol. 2, no. 5, page. 411 - 415, 2002-01

Joh, KW; Lee, CE; Lee, CH; Jeong, YH


PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI B-BASIC RESEARCH, vol. 239, no. 2, page. 452 - 456, 2003-01

Joh, KW; Lee, CH; Lee, CE; Jeong, YH


HEPATOLOGY, vol. 64, no. 1, page. 209 - 223, 2016-07

Oh, YM; Park, O; Swierczewska, M; Hamilton, JP; Park, JS; Kim, TH; Lim, SM; Eom, H; Jo, DG; Lee, CE; Kechrid, R; Mastorakos, P; Zhang, C; Hahn, SK; Jeon, OC; Byun, Y; Kim, K; Hanes, J; Lee, KC; Pomper, MG; Gao, B; Lee, S