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JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE, vol. 21, no. 6, page. 1108 - 1110, 2006-12

Kwon, HS; Chang, YS; Jeong, YY; Lee, SM; Song-, WJ; Kim, HB; Kim, YK; Cho, SH; Kim, YY; Min, KU


JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL NANOTECHNOLOGY, vol. 8, no. 3, page. 361 - 371, 2012-06

Lee, HJ; Nguyen, YTC; Muthiah, M; Vu-Quang, H; Namgung, R; Kim, WJ; Yu, MK; Jon, S; Lee, IK; Jeong, YY; Park, IK


BIOMATERIALS, vol. 32, no. 11, page. 3042 - 3052, 2011-04

Namgung, R; Zhang, Y; Fang, QL; Singha, K; Lee, HJ; Kwon, IK; Jeong, YY; Park, IK; Son, SJ; Kim, WJ


HUMAN GENE THERAPY, vol. 21, no. 10, page. 1410 - 1410, 2010-10

Lee, HJ; Jeong, YY; Lee, IK; Namgung, R; Kim, WJ; Yu, MK; Jon, S; Lee, SJ; Park, IK